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“2+2 Joint Program” between GZU and CSU Launched

GZU and Colorado State University (CSU) have reached more consensuses on “2+2 Joint Program” based on lots of negotiation. Presently, the 2012 plan of the Program is in process. All the colleges are encouraged to participate in the Program to provide a chance for their students to study in America , broaden their vision and become internationally competitive.


1.      About Colorado State University

Established in 1870, Colorado State University ranks 128 in America ((US News), taking a leading position in epidemiology, meteorology, technology of clean energy, and environmental science. With a total area of 5000 acres, CSU now has 8 colleges, offering courses of 55 disciplines. Besides, CSU’s MBA program and undergraduate business program came out at the top of the 2009 ranking list by The Princeton Review and Business Week.


2.  About the “2+2 Joint Program”

1) In the 2012 plan, there is no limit on the number of GZU students sent to study at CSU through the Program. All the disciplines are open to GZU undergraduates. For details, please click


2On “2+2 Joint Program”, students study for 2 years at GZU and 2 years at CSU.


3) Scholarship: This Program is listed into GZU’s International Plan for Excellent Undergraduates. CSU offers each GZU student on the Program 8000 USD per year for the 2-year study at CSU.


4) Tuition: To take the academic year of 2010-2011 for example, each successful candidate pays CSU a tuition of about 13000 USD (this figure might slightly fluctuate each year), apart from the 8000 USD scholarship per year.


5) According to the agreed plan, CST and GZU agree to transfer credits for the students on the Program.


6) Candidates for the Program have to reach the requirements of CSU for certain required courses taken at GZU, which may differ among different disciplines. For instance, for Accountancy students, a grade of 80 or above is required for the course of mathematics. A candidate who fails to meet that requirement has to take the course again at CSU.


7) Interested colleges should, according to CSU requirements, submit before December 2011. A detailed description and the teaching plan (both in English) of the courses which their candidates have taken are required so that there can be a smooth handover of the courses at CSU.


 3. Graduation and Degree

1) Students qualified for the terms of degree conferring at both universities will graduate with a GZU graduation certificate and a BA degree of both universities.


2) Students who fail to get the required credits at CSU can, with CSU approval, extend their study period, with relevant expenses paid on their own. If they get a BA degree from CSU within the duration designated for degree conferring at GZU, they can also get a GZU graduation certificate and a GZU BA degree on the condition that they have submitted an application for extension of study period to GZU in advance.


3) Students who fail to get the required credits for a BA degree at CSU and are not able to continue their study at CSU shall get back to GZU to make up the credits for a GZU degree and pay relevant fees stipulated by GZU. Those who meet the requirements for graduation with the time permitted can be conferred a GZU graduation certificate, and those who meet the terms for degree conferring, a GZU BA degree.


4. Application and Selection Procedures

1) Requirements for candidates

a. Sophomores or juniors at GZU;

b. Love of China , support of socialism and the leadership by Chinese Communist Party, good morality, obedience of laws and regulations;

c. No default in paying tuitions and accommodation fees;

d. Good academic ability (GPA 3.0--4.0), solid professional knowledge and good basic skills, being sound physically, intellectually and mentally;

e. Good English skills (TOFEL 525, IBT 70, or IELTS 6.0 or above);

f. Candidates’ families able to afford related expenses.


2) Selection procedures

a. Candidates fill in the Application for GZU Exchange Students at Foreign Countries (they can download it at, and submit it to their college together with their Report Card, certificate of IETS or TOFLE grades.

b. Each college collects the Applications and relevant materials and submits them to OIR. A committee of together with

c. A committee of Office of Academic Affairs, OIR and related sections will organize and select the students according to the requirements.


5. Management

1) When studying at CSU on the 2+2 program, the GZU students can enjoy the treatments and rights of a CSU undergraduate;


2) When they study at CSU on the 2+2 program, GZU keeps their names on the school roll. Each semester, CSU provides a Report Card to GZU Office of Academic Affairs and a copy to OIR, GZU;


3) To guarantee the effectiveness of their study, the students should, with the help of their college leaders, make a plan for the 2-year study at CSU according to CSU requirements, and, with their dean approved, submit it to Office of Academic Affairs and OIR. The plan will be the basis for measuring their qualifications for graduation.


 4) Fees

a.       Before the candidates go abroad, they should pay GZU their tuitions for the second two years at one lump sum, in addition to certain amount of compensatory teaching fees.

b.      Fees for travelling, medical care, visa and other expenses in America should be paid on their own.


5) Before the candidates go abroad, they should sign the Agreement for GZU Exchange Students, and submit Application for Credit and Grade Transfer for GZU Exchange Students (they can be downloaded at

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