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The Delegation of South Korea's SK Group Visited GZU

The Delegation of South Korea 's SK Group Visited GZU

On the morning of April 15th, Mr. Liu Zhiping, Vice President of South Korea's SK Economic Research Institution for Chinese Business Group with three other people visited GZU. They held a discussion with the leaders of GZU.


Established with the textile industry in 1953, SK Group has developed so fast that now it has covered energy, chemical, information, communication and property service, being the third largest transnational enterprise in South Korea . The purpose of their visit was to promote mutual understanding and seek for the chance to carry out cooperation on scientific research with GZU

At the beginning of the discussion, President Chen gave a brief introduction to GZU's Korean language teaching situation and introduced in detail the situation about Chemistry and Chemical engineering, Mining College, College of Civil Engineering, College of Science & Technology, College of Resource and Environmental Engineering and College of Computer Science . Chen claimed that they hoped further cooperation could be conducted in the future according to the specific situation of different colleges.


After that, Mr. Liu Zhiping introduced the history and the development of SK Group. He pointed out that in recent years SK Group has made great strides in China . They hoped that through this discussion, they could have a further cooperation with Guizhou Province . He also hoped that SK Group could have the chance to cooperate with our university in the areas of new energy, mineral and electronic components etc.


At last, the heads of the colleges participated in the discussion expressed their own ideas as to the areas which interested the SK Group. While different colleges introduced the research results in new energy, mineral etc., they also asked for support in areas that is needed by Guizhou Province and GZU.



After the discussion, President Chen gave a conclusion, wishing that SK Group could keep in touch with colleges of GZU. On the basis of fully understandings with each other, both sides can reach a win-win situation and have a sound cooperation.


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